November 1862

Saturday 1st  Went on drilling in the Second Dale .  Mr Cutting and I worked at the arbour all day.  We took to pieces four of the sails that were blown off the wind-mill and the boards that came off them we are going to roof the porch of the arbour.  I heard from Mr Nicholson by the second post

Sunday 2nd  Went to Ridlington Church twice.  Mr Freeman officiated in the absence of Mr hay.

Monday 3rd  Went to Oakham fair in the morning with Mr Wortley.  They finished drilling in the Second Dale  and then they started drilling wheat in Pease-hill, it was wheat this year, Talivore sown in the spring after Turnips eaten off.  I worked at the arbour all afternoon and got on very well with it.
One of the first Linseed cake  manufacturers in England is “Blundell”, he sells his cake at a low price, but his terms are (payment on delivery).  Nickley and Graham, another Linseed cake manufacturer, he makes a good article and derives a good trade; every Christmas they send to all their customers  a dinner ticket to some Inn in London and also a ticket to some Theatre.

Tuesday 4th  Went on drilling Wheat in Pease-hill,  Mr Tailby’s hounds met Coles Lodge to day.
I worked at the arbour all day.
Mr Wortley has bought 5 young steers of Gilbert Needham for £14 each.

Wednesday 5th  I worked at the arbour all day.
Mr Wortley has sold one of the yearling foals at Martinsthorpe to Frank Seaton of Manton for £20.  He has also sold Berry to Mr Peach of Stoke for £31.10s and her foal (a filley) to Mr Islip for £10.
Mr Wortley, Mr Cutting  and I went to Mr Wm Needhams for supper.

Thursday 6th  John Haynes came to thatch the arbour; but did not finish it by night.  Frank helped me all day.
Two Mr Islips and Mr Peach came to shoot with Mr Wortley, they had very good sport, they all came for dinner at 5 oclock and we had a game of Loo after.

Friday 7th  John Haynes did not come to finish thatching the arbour.  Frank helped me all day.  Mr Wortley went to Stamford market.
A man from Berry and Pollard came to put the sails on the Wind Engine.

Saturday 8th   The man put the sails on the Wind Engine.  John Haynes came to thatch the arbour and he finished it before night.  Frank helped me almost all day.

Sunday 9th  Went to Ridlington Church twice.  It was a very cold day.

Monday 10th  Janie, Edwin and Miss Morris came over to call in the morning.  The two former have been staying at Miss Morriss’ of Luffenham (?) for a week; but are leaving this afternoon.  I worked at the arbour all afternoon and Frank helped me.

Tuesday 11th  Stamford fair.  Mr Wortley and Mr Cutting  went.  I went to Uppingham.

Wednesday 12th  I worked at the arbour all day.

Thursday 13th  Mr Wortley heard from Mr Henry Noel to say that Lord Gainsborough had accepted Mr W. as tenant of Mr Reeves old farm, about 70 acres.

Friday 14th  I worked at the arbour all day.

Saturday 15th  Went to Uppingham and the Parks in the morning.  They are drilling Colts Close with wheat and are putting on 3 bushels per acre.  Colts Close was beans this year and Spring Wheat the year before.  Mr Wortley pays the men here for thatching by the piece, 1s 3d a square of 36 feet.  Mr Story came in the afternoon he is thinking of sending his son here to learn farming when I leave, he lives at Lockington Park near Derby.

Sunday 16th  Went to Ridlington Church twice.  It was very cold.

Monday 17th    I worked at the arbour all day.

Tuesday 18th  I worked at the arbour all day.  Mrs Wortley & Mrs Hilhouse went to Mr Wm  Needhams for tea.
They carted home the Mangolds from First Close and camped them in the Stack Yard.

Wednesday 19th  It was very showery all morning.  I worked at the arbour all morning, in the afternoon Mr Cutting and I went to Mr Burgess‘ plantation to get 2 bags of moss and my little mare carried them home across her back.

Thursday 20th  There was a sale of Trees at Ridlington belonging to Lord Areland among which were two opposite the top yard that block the wind from the Wind Mill.  The lage one made £9 and the small one £1.   I worked at the arbour and wrote to Mr Nicholson and Tom.  I heard from the former this morning.

Friday 21st  It was a very wet morning, but it cleared up in the afternoon.    I worked at the arbour.

Saturday 22nd  Went to Uppingham in the morning.  The hounds met at Wardley Toll Bar.  Barfield began ploughing   Pines Close in ridges.  I worked at the arbour.

Sunday 23rd  Went to Ridlington Church twice.   It is Mr Wortley’s birthday today.  It was a very cold day.

Monday 24th  It was a very sharp frost this morning.  The Shepherd washed the beast with soft soap that are going to the Oakham show.
I worked at the arbour.  Mr Wortley removed  some pear trees and root prooned them.

Tuesday 25th  I worked at the arbour.  We sent the stock to the Oakham show.  It was a very sharp frost and the roads were very slippery.

Wednesday 26th  Mr Wortley was at the Oakham Show all day being one of the Secretaries.  Mr Mitton called in the afternoon.

Thursday 27th  The grand day of the Rutland Agricultural Societies Show in the Riding School at Oakham.  We all went to it.  Mr Wortley gained two prizes £10 for Red Rover and £2 for the Sow.  It was a very good show, but the 1st class was very badly represented.  We all dined after the show in the Agricultural Hall.  W.A.Pochin Esq was in the chair and a very good chairman he made.

Friday 28th  Mr Haggar, Cake manufacturer of Hertford came in the morning, we had an early dinner and he went with Mr Wortley to Stamford market.  It was thawing all day.  There was a Lecture in the School Room  Ridlington on the Book and its story, but I did not go to hear it.

Saturday 29th  I worked at the arbour.  We are pulping Mangold Wurzel for the beast and pigs now.  Mr Cutting has taken in hand two of the sows young pigs to feed them for the next Oakham show, he is feeding them pulped Mangold and Wheat meal.

Sunday 30th  Went to Ridlington Church twice & to Mr Nash’s at night.