October 1891

Thursday & Friday 1st & 2nd   We were digging at the bottom of the orchard.

Saturday 3rd   Commenced digging the piece of ground that was in Maize last year near the Pigs paddock gate.

Sunday 4th   Read service in the pm.  Went to Mr Walter’s for tea.

Monday 5th   Finished digging the piece of ground next the pigs paddock.

Tuesday 6th   It was wet in the morning.  The boys scrapped the gum and took it down to the beach.

Wednesday 7th   It rained heavy all last night.  We broke up ground in the orchard.

Thursday 8th   The girls staid at home to hoe the Potatoes.  We were breaking up gound in the orchard & finished it.  It poured with rain in the pm.

Friday 9th   Ground too wet to dig in the morning, so we pulled up tea tree in the morning, but we dug near the Apricot trees in the afternoon.

Saturday 10th   We were digging near the bottom Apricot trees in the morning.  There was a singing class in the Hall in the evening.

Sunday 11th   Read service in the pm.   Mrs Joseph Greenwood &
W. P.  were here for tea.

Monday 12th   We finished digging the piece of ground near the Apricot trees, we the dug the strip in the middle of the orchard.

Tuesday 13th  We dug in the middle of the orchard in the morning and between the Golden Russet Apples in the pm.

Wednesday 14th   The boys hauled goods for us from the Wharf, also some for T. W. K.  &  Mrs Dunning.  Continued digging near the Golden Russet Apples.

Thursday 15th   We continued digging near Golden Russetts.  I went down to D. Mathesons in the evening.

Friday 16th   It rained nearly all day.  I made a fowl coop.

Saturday 17th   The ground was too wet to dig in this orchard so we commenced to dig in the farm orchard in the morning.
Ted Greenwood returned with them from the singing class in the evening & staid all night.

Sunday 18th   It rained all day, there was no service.

Monday 19th   The ground was too wet to dig.  Several showers.  We pulled up ti tree on ploughed ground.

Tuesday 20th   We dug in the farm orchard all day.  Maud, Henry & Willie went to a dance at Matakana.  Mr Pratt staid here all night, he is going to Auckland in the morning.

Wednesday 21st   We dug down at the Lemon Trees & cut the dead ones out.

Thursday 22nd   We dug a strip of ground and manured it alongside of the pigs paddock fence, for Squashes & Cucumbers.  We sowed a bed of Parsnips.  Also dug near Matthews Golden Russets’.

Friday 23rd   Continued digging between the Apple Trees near the land slip, planting Negro Beans in rows 2 ft 6 in apart between the Apple trees.  Got the Sheep up in the evening but it poured with rain afterwards.

Saturday 24th   We turned the Sheep out as the yard was too wet to clean them.  We dug in the farm orchard in the morning.  In the pm I went up to J. Greenwoods to get some Kumera runners also called to see old Mrs Greenwood and staid for tea.

Sunday 25th   A fine day.  Read service in the afternoon .  Spent the evening at Charlies.

Monday 26th  A fine day, but threatening for rain.  We planted Kumeras on the ground next the beehives, also in the corner next back gate, planted 2 holes Cucumber and 5 holes of Hubbard Squash.

Tuesday 27th   It rained a little in the morning.  We pulled out pea sticks the top side of house.  Dug near the Lemon Trees in the pm.

Wednesday 28th  The boys hauled for G. K. & a sack of Maize for ourselves.  Planted 1 row of Stratagem Peas that Mr Pratt brought for me from Auckland .  Commenced digging the top side of the house for Pumpkins.

Thursday 29th   Continued digging top side of house.

Friday 30th   Henry went to Warkworth as a witness in the case Walter vs Miller.  Finished digging top side of house.  Continued digging near Lemons.  I stuck the 1st row of peas.

Saturday 31st   The boys commenced digging & planting Maize under dining room window.  I planted 22 holes of Crown Pumpkin the top side of house.
Went to the singing class in the evening.