August 1921

Monday 1st   It was a showery day & windy.  I did not go over to town, Miss Murdock came for tea and Mr McMurtrie came in the evening and we played 500.

Tuesday 2nd   It was a showery day.  I did not go out anywhere.

Wednesday 3rd   It was finer today.  I went across to town in the morning, went to see the “Kawau” off, a lot of Omaha people were going back by he,  I then went up to Willie’s place & had lunch there and in the afternoon I went to the Hospital to see Arthur Greenwood, returned to the shore and in the evening all of us went to a concert in the Parish Hall in aid of the Congregational Church.

Thursday 4th   It was a showery day.  I staid at home all day to nurse my cough.

Friday 5th   Showering & blowing, only went down to Hendersons to get a bottle of Baxters Lung Preservative for my cough.

Saturday 6th   Weather still showery.  In the morning I went down to the Shore to do some shopping.  In the evening Mr Wallace went to a smoke concert in connection with the fire brigade.  Mr Harding came in the evening & he, Alma & I played 500.

Sunday 7th   It was a dull, showery day.  Fred Davey & Willie came to spend the day. My cough & cold were so bad I did not go to church.

Monday 8th    I did not go across to town as my cough & cold were pretty bad.  Mr McMurtrie & Mrs Peterson came in the evening & we played 500.

Tuesday 9th   Showery weather, I did not go across to Auckland.

Wednesday  10th   The weather was a little better.  All of us & Miss Murdockwent to a very good Concert in the Parish Hall in aid of Parish funds.  It was very enjoyable.

Thursday 11th   The weather was much finer.  In the afternoon I went across to Auckland.  Fred & his family was to have returned home to Dargaville by the train leaving Auckland at 4 pm.  I went to the station but they did not turn up.

Friday 12th   It was a fine day.  I went over to Auckland in the afternoon, went up to Willie’s, Fred Davey & family were going away home today, a taxi took them to Mt Eden station, Willie went to the station to help them with the luggage.  I returned to the Shore, Mr Harding came in the evening& we played 500.

Saturday 13th   It was a fine day.  In the morning I went across and up to Willie’s to stay the weekend.  Willie was doing some gardening, he planted Peas, Onions & cabbages.  In the evening Willie & I went to an organ recital in the Town Hall.

Sunday 14th   It rained nearly all day.  Mrs Simpson went to All Saints Church in the morning.  In the afternoon Willie & I went to call on Horace Hedges & wife who lives near to Willie.  In the evening Mrs Simpson,  Willie & I went to Jasper Calder’s mission service in the Princesses Theatre.  Afterwards I bid Good Bye to Willie & Mrs Simpson & returned to the Shore.

Monday 15th   My 78th birthday.  The “Kawau” is leaving Auckland at 3 pm for Mangawai calling at Leigh, I intended to go home by her and had carried my bag down to the ferry wharf where I heard that the wind was SE, so as I dread a rough trip I hired a wagonette and took my bag back to Wallaces,  I went across to Auckland in the afternoon and went to see the “Kawau” off, the wind has changed to southerly and they will have a calm trip, the ship was full of cargo and a lot of passengers, Alma Torkington , Mr & Mrs Stewart & Eddie Grigg were passengers,  I was sorry I was not going, I returned to the Shore.

Tuesday 16th   It was a fine day, wind SW.  I went across to Auckland in the morning, had a good look at the Art Gallery and at the Old Colonists Museum , went up to Willie’s place and had lunch there. Willie is now working at Smith & Caugheys new building, returned to the shore.  Mr Harding came in the evening and we played at 500.

Wednesday 17th   A very fine day, wind SW, I went down to the Shore in the morning to make some purchases, & to order Marshal to come with the wagonette for me this afternoon.  Called in to see Mr McMurtrie, returned to Wallaces for lunch and then said goodbye to my friends Mr & Mrs Wallace who have shown me great kindness.  Marshall called for me and I caught the 1.35 boat to Auckland, carried my luggage round to the wharf and found that the “Kawau” had not arrived from Mangawai & Leigh so she did not leave until 5 pm, there were only 5 passengers, 2 for Kawau and Gus Neeley, Miss Hewitt & myself, we had a very calm passage.  We arrived at Leigh at 10.15.  Jim met me with the trap.

Thursday 18th   It was a very fine day.  I was working up in my garden all day.  I planted 7 Nemesias & 18 Cauliflowers.  Since I have been away Jim has worked down the ploughing in the front paddock and the portion below the orchard is sown with Oats & the portion near the gate is to be sown in grass.

Friday 19th   A beautiful day, wind SW.  I was working in the garden all day.  I loosened up a row for sweet peas and I sowed a row of Sutton’s Peerless  Peas.

Saturday 20th   It was a very fine day.  Wind SW.   I was working in the garden all day.  I sowed another row of Sutton’s Peerless  Peas.
I took a bunch of Daffodils & Violets to Mrs Stewart in the afternoon.

Sunday 21st   It was quite a summer’s day.  Revd Poole (Presbyterian) held service in the Hall in the morning, I attended , Dolly Greenwood & Angus Dunning were here for dinner.  Eddie, Ivy & children went to John Greenwoods in the afternoon, they are going camping on their land at Pakiri during the present week, as Eddie has some fencing to do there.
I called at Mr C. Gravatts in the afternoon.

Monday 22nd   Wind blowing strong from SE.  Raining most part of the day.  I did not go out anywhere.  Started to make a new Catalogue of Books in the Omaha Public Library.  The “Kawau” came in the evening on her way to Mangawai, she had a very rough trip, she remained here all night, she had several passengers for Mangawai.

Tuesday 23rd   Still blowing strong from the E and raining,  Jim went down to the village in the morning, he got the mail.  The “Kawau” could not remain at the wharf on account of the heavy sea running in the harbour, so she went back to the Kawau for shelter, there was such a heavy sea outside that it took her nearly 2 hours to get to Takatu Point, the Mangawai passengers staid at Harpers.
I did not go up to the garden, but remained in the house and worked at the Library Catalogue.

Wednesday 24th   The wind is still blowing from the E, but it has moderated a bit, there was no rain, I was working in the garden all day, I sowed 2 rows of White Stone Turnips.  Jim was ploughing the orchard near the house.

Thursday 25th   It was a very fine day, but the wind is still blowing E.
I went down to the village after breakfast to post a parcel of Peas, Beans &c to Mr Grindrod.  The schooner “Elsie” came in while I was down there bringing a cargo of goods for this place.  I then went up to the garden and sowed a row of Red Beet and a row of Cabbages
(15 plants).  Jim was spraying the trees in our orchard in the afternoon.

Friday 26th   It was a very fine day.  Jim was drilling Oats at  Jno Greenwoods.  I felt my back a bit bad, so I staid at home in the morning and was working at the Catalogue.  In the afternoon I went up to the garden and sowed Cauliflower seed in a box, loosened round the young Pansy & Stock plants and gave them a good watering, also did some weeding.
I went down for the mail in the evening and Jim went to the Library.

Saturday 27th   It was a very fine day.  Jim was drilling at John Greenwoods.  Jessie went to Pakiri to take them bread who are camped on their land there.  As my back was inclined to be bad I staid at home and worked at the Catalogue.
In the afternoon I met Mrs Keith Matheson on the road so I took her up to the garden and gave her some flowers to take home.  Charlie Wyatt came from Pakiri & staid the night here.

Sunday 28th   It was a very fine day.  I went up to the garden to pick some Violets in the morning.  In the afternoon Revd Richards held service in the Hall, I attended, there was a fair congregation.
I sent a letter to Mr A. J. Shepherd, Head Teacher, Warkworth by Mr Richards.  After the service there was a meeting to form a musical society to improve the singing at the various services.

Monday 29th   It rained a little last night and early this morning, but not enough to do much good.  It was a very fine day.  Jim commenced to plough in the Barley Paddock.  I was working in the garden all day. I sowed the undermentioned seeds in boxes,
Victoria Asters,  African Marigold,  Larkspurs,  Dimorphotheca, Double Zinnia,  Phlox  & Azure Fairy Scabious.  Also planted out a row of Onions.  49 plants.

Tuesday 30th   It rained early in the morning, but cleared up in the afternoon.  Jessie rode to Pakiri to take bread to those who are camped there.  I went up to the garden, but the ground was too wet for planting.  In the afternoon I took some flowers down to the church and fixed up a string to hang a wedding bell on.
Jim packed some Lemons, took them down to the wharf & hauled up manure.

Wednesday 31st   It rained a little early this morning, but it turned out a fine day.  Wind blowing strong from S.  I did not go up to the garden until the afternoon, I planted a row of Onions (52 plants).
Jim was discing in the pm.