December 1905

Friday 1st   It was a fine day.  In the morning I went down to Charlie Wyatts to give some letters to the mail-man.  Afterwards I sheared 2 Sheepskins.
Willie returned home, they had brought round 31 bundles of Fish to send away by the “Kawau“.  Willie was waiting about  long time for her, but she did not come, so he came home,
In the evening Jane went down to John Wyatts and then across to the Post Office and Library.  I went down for the mail and got the Ballot Box and other things for the Election.

Saturday 2nd   It was a fine day.  After breakfast Willie went down to the wharf to see if his fish was taken away and he heard that the “Kawau” called in about 1 am and took the fish.
Willie and I packed 1 Bale and 1 Dump of Wool with 2 sheared skins, there were 79 Fleeces.  We hauled them down to the wharf in the pm.   Jane went down to play tennis (the first time this season) she spent the evening at Mr Archie Dunnings playing cards.

Sunday 3rd   It was a fine day.   Willie went to Ti Point in the morning.  Mr Bacon (Wesleyan) held service in the Hall in the pm.  Jane and I went.

Monday 4th   It was a fine day.  I dug us two rows of Potatoes between the rows of pumpkins, also beat down a strip to plant more pumpkins.  Juno calved a red Bull Calf.  In the evening Jane and I went down to the Village to mark out The tennis Court.

Tuesday 5th   It was a fine day.  I got Juno up in the morning and milked her.  I was doing odd jobs.  Jane and I went down to the Tennis in the evening.  Ernest Wyatt and  Will Dunning came up with us and we played cards.

Wednesday 6th   It was a fine day.  The General Election.
I got up early and got my work done early and got down to the Hall about 8.30 to prepare the place for the Polling, Charlie Wyatt was D. R. O. for the electoral and I acted in the same capacity for the Licensing.  65 votes were recorded for this District and 2 Absent Votes.
After the votes were counted and we got our several parcels fixed up we took them down to the Post Office where we met D. R. O.s from other places who had come like ourselves to wire their returns to the Chief Returning Officer at Whangarei.  We got to hear the returns from other places which showed that Mander was leading.
The “Kawau” got stuck at Mangawai and only called in here on her way to Auckland this morning, so the “Kotiti” was sent in her place.

Thursday 7th   It was a fine day.  In the morning Willie and I took the catamaran and bullock down to the wharf to haul up some goods that came yesterday.  While we were down there the “Kawau” called in on her way to Mangawai.  Mr Macilwain gave me a Herald with a full account of the Election.  We took up one load before dinner and Willie took the bullock down after dinner and hauled the remainder up.

Friday 8th   It was a fine day.  Willie and I were planting Kumera plants next the Onions.  In the evening I went down for the mail.

Saturday 9th   It was a cloudy day and every indication of rain, but it did not.  Willie and I planted some more Kumeras in the morning.  In the afternoon the Tennis season was opened, the Club gave afternoon tea to all comers and there was a dance and supper in the Hall in the evening.  Harold, Flo and Mr Torkington came up here to stay all night.

Sunday 10th   It was a fine day.  Harold, Flo and Mr Torkington returned home in the morning, Willie went with them and staid all night.  Jane & I did not go out anywhere.

Monday 11th   It was a fine day, but it came over very misty in the evening.  In the morning I was fixing up the pig sty, Willie returned from Ti Point in the afternoon, we planted some more Kumera plants.

Tuesday 12th   It was a fine day.  Willie and I were planting Kumera plants.  Caught a lot of Fowls to send away.  Willie tightened up the bolts in the Catamaran.
I went down to meet the “Kawau” in morning.  Jane went to the Tennis in evening.

Wednesday 13th   It was a fine day.  Willie and I took the Catamaran down to the wharf in the afternoon with a Crate of  (25)  Fowls.
The “Kawau” was delayed and did not get in until nearly dark.  I sold the Fowls & also Eggs to the Steward.  We hauled up 100 lbs Flour and a churn that came by the Steamer.  As we were starting for home it came on to rain and we got wet.  Jane started to go round in the Steamer to bring Minnies Children back for the Xmas Tree, but it came over so black and thick that they could not make out the beacon so they turned back here, and Jane got wet through walking up from the wharf.  We did not milk the cows as it was pouring with rain, however the sound of it is very pleasing as it is much needed as the ground is so dry.

Thursday 14th   It rained until about 5 this morning and then it cleared up and was a fine day.  Willie and I broke down with hoes the piece of ground that was dug up rough the other side of the “Kumeras” and I planted 1 row of Dun Beans.
In the afternoon went over to Ti Point and returned in the evening bringing Alma with him.  ( “Willie”  has probably been omitted after “afternoon”  )  Walter Frearson & Albert started cutting Danthonia in our place, they knocked off early and then came here to get a wether of his which has been in here a long time , we had not much difficulty in getting it in and they killed it here and hung it up in the shed.  I went down to the village in the evening, the girls were getting the Hall ready for the Xmas tree tomorrow night.

Friday 15th   It was a fine day.  Albert came here soon after 5 this morning to cut the Sheep up, we took a leg from Walter.  Willie started cutting Danthonia with Walter Frearson today.
I planted 2 more rows of Dun Beans also 1 row of Lettuce, Turnips & Carrots.
Minnie came over in the pm bringing Agnes & the baby with her. Emily & Millie Cruickshank came here and went with us to the Xmas Tree,  there was a crowd of children and also adults and I think it was a great financial success.
George Brown brought a young Pig.

Saturday 16th   There were a few showers during the day.  We did not get up very early this morning as it was 2 am before we got to bed.  The Miss Cruickshanks returned home soon after breakfast.
Jane went down to the Hall to help clear up, she took the children with her.
Willie and I were knocking down the lumps round some of the trees in the orchard.

Sunday 17th   It was a fine day.  Willie walked to Ti Point in the morning taking Agnes with him.  In the evening Jane & Alma went down to Charlie Wyatts.

Monday 18th   It was a fine day.  Willie was cutting Danthonia in our place for W. Frearson.
I replanted Onions where the others had died, Minnie sent me the plants by Willie yesterday.

Tuesday 19th   It was a fine day.  Willie was cutting grass seed for Walter in the front in the morning, but he was knocked off in the afternoon.
I planted out 7 Tomato Plants  and 34 Cabbage Plants that Willie brought from Ti Point.  Joe came over in the evening and after tea took Alma home.

General Election   December 6th  1905

Wednesday 20th   It was a fine day.  In the morning I walked over to Ti Pint, called in at Joes and got some wire netting and then went down to the wharf, the “Kawau” just arrived from Auckland .  Allan & Bert Wallace came up in her to stay with us, so I went on board and went up to the top wharf and then came round here.
Willie was cutting grass seed for Walter.

Thursday 21st   It was a fine day.  I was making a small yard of netting wire for the little ducks.  Willie Dunning came to spend the evening.

Friday 22nd   There were a few showers.  Willie was cutting and thrashing for Walter.  The Wallace boys helped me to get the Sheep in and I killed one in the pm.  There were some sports and a Xmas tree at Pakiri.  Willie Dunning called for Jane and they went together.  I went down for the mail in the evening.

Saturday 23rd   There were some heavy showers.  Willie knocked off grass seeding in the middle of the day.  In the morning I cut up the Sheep and took out the mutton.  The Dacres Claim Tennis opening was this afternoon,  Willie Dunning came for Jane and they went together.  The boys went eeling in the afternoon.  We went down to the village in the evening to meet the “Kawau” as we expected Grace Simpson up in her, there were a lot of people waiting friends, we waited until midnight but as she did not come we all went home.

Sunday 24th   The “Kawau” arrived early this morning, Grace came up by her about 8 am, we were all asleep being weary as we did not get to sleep until 2 am

Monday 25th   Christmas Day.  It was a fine day.
After dinner we all went down to the Tennis Court.  Willie Dunning came up with the young people for tea and we had a rubber of whist.

Tuesday 26th   Boxing Day.   It was a fine day.   Willie and the boys went over to Ti Point to fish, they brought home 4 schnappers.
The usual boxing day picnic was held on the beach,  Jane, Grace and I went, there were a good many present ,  in the evening there was a dance in the Hall.

Wednesday 27th   It was a fine day.  We send away by the Steamer this evening 1 Crate  (10)  Roosters also 1 Case Tibbetts plums,  Elsie Bacon, a chum of Grace Simpsons came up by the Steamer to stay with us.

Thursday 28th   It was a fine day.  Willie Pratt called here this morning, he came by the Steamer last night and he waited down until they sent a horse down for him.  Grace & Elsie walked over to Ti Point, Willie and the boys also went.

Friday 29th   It was a fine day.  I went down to the wharf to meet the “Kawau” on her way from Mangawai.  Killed a Sheep in the afternoon.  Jane rode over to Matakana with Mabel in the evening to be ready for the Tennis Tournament which is to be held tomorrow.
Grace, Elsie and the boys all went down to the village in the evening.

Saturday 30th   It was a fine day.  Grace and Elsie walked over to Ti Point to spend the day.  Willie and the boys went fishing to the Goat Island beach in the afternoon and brought home a few rock cods.
Jane returned from Matakana late in the evening, Willie Dunning came with her & he came in and had some supper, they brought news that in the singles Mabel was beaten but that Willie still remains champion.

Sunday 31st   It was a fine day.  Mr & Mrs George Davey and Charlie Mayall who are staying at Ti Point came over to spend the day with us, we were quite a large party, 10 sat down to dinner and tea.