May 1913

Friday 2nd    There were heavy showers last night.  I got up early this morning and went across by the 7 am boat to Auckland, embarked on board the “Kawau” which left at 7.30, we arrived at Leigh at 12.30 pm after a very calm passage.
Willie was down with the catamaran to meet me, I found the roads very bad, it seems they have had more rain here than we had in town.   I font  [sic: found]  Ettie Johnson staying here.

Saturday 3rd   A showery day.  Did not go out anywhere.
Planted the two Bouvaidia plants that I brought from Auckland.

Sunday 4th   It was showery in the morning.  In the afternoon Willie, Grace and Miss Johnson went to Mr Ashworths.  I went to James Greenwoods & staid tea.

Monday 5th   I was planting Daffodils in the Diamond bed that Mr Grindrod sent me.  In the afternoon to G. Knaggs to witness their signatures for the Old Age Pension.

Tuesday 6th   Miss Johnson returned to Auckland in the “Kawau“, Willie and Grace went down to the wharf to see her off.  I planted the remainder of the Daffodils and two clumps of Ranunculus.

Wednesday 7th   A showery day.  I planted some Paper White Narcissus and Star Ixias.  Willie packed some fruit and took it down to the wharf in the afternoon and hauled up a load of empty cases.
I was also down to get the mail.

Thursday 8th   Several showers.   I dug up the violets and bulbs in that bed then I dug up the bed digging in horse manure, bone dust and sand.  I planted in the centre Scarborough Lilies and round the sides Princess of Wales Violets.  Also planted clumps of Scarborough Lilies and replanted the Nerene bulbs.  In the evening there was a choir practice in the Hall, Grace & I went.

Friday 9th   Showers.  I fixed up the panel of fence near the summer house.  Willie was wheeling manure into the pigs paddock.   In the evening I went down for the mail and attended the Library.

Saturday 10th   It was a very showery day, especially in the afternoon.  Grace went early in the morning to spend the day with Mrs Glass.  Willie was getting some puriri posts on the hill in the afternoon.  Bowden Birdsall came in the pm for me to witness his signature.  Mr Owens came up with Grace in the evening and he came inside to have a chat and some supper.

Sunday 11th   A very showery day.  Revd Blundell held service in the Hall in the morning, I was the only one from this house that attended, there was a small congregation.  The remainder of the day I was reading.

Monday 12th   Two showers during the day, otherwise very fine.  Grace went down to Mrs Glass’ to spend the day and Willie went down in the evening to see her home.  Mrs Handby came in the morning and staid to lunch with Willie & me.  I got leaves and horse manure to make a manure heap in the flower garden below the summer house, also was fixing a step to the summer house.
Willie was pulling off the shingles from the old cow shed.

Thursday 13th   A strong wind blowing a few slight showers only, but a disagreeable day.
After breakfast I went down to the village to get the mail, carried up a bag of sand.
Willie was packing fruit and he hauled it down to the wharf in the afternoon and he brought up the remainder of his cases.
I fixed the step at the summer house and the kerbing, and dug up the piece below the path.

Wednesday 14th   A very fine day, not a shower, I walked over to the Claim in the morning calling at Mr Ashworths on my way, had lunch at Jims and returned home late in the afternoon.

Thursday 15th   It was a fine day.  I got firewood and then planted a clump Polyanthus Narcissus (Queen of the Yellows).  Also replanted a clump of Gladiolus, and dug up the border of Primroses and Polyanthus.
In the afternoon I went down to the wharf when the steamer was leaving.  I carried up a bag of sand.  Willie hauled up two loads from the wharf in the afternoon.

Friday 16th   It rained very heavily last night, but it turned out a fine day and the ground dried up nicely.  In the morning Willie took the horse down to the wharf and hauled up a Sk of Wheat and 1 Bushel Oats,  afterwards he was working at the Shed.
In the afternoon I went down to the Hall to prepare for the Concert this evening.
In the evening we all went down to the Hall to the Concert got up by the Mrs Lees the Teacher,  Mrs Lees family and the children took part in the concert.  It was very enjoyable, Jane and the children came up here to stay all night.

Saturday 17th   It was a fine day.  Willie was working at the shed.
I was working at the flower garden.  I replanted the Primroses & Polyanthuses in the same border they came out of, also took up and replanted a clump of red Gladiolus and a clump of Lilium Lancifolium.

Sunday 18th   It was a fine day with the exception of a shower in the pm.  Jane and children returned home in the afternoon,  Willie & Jane  [sic:  Grace]  went with her as far as punga creek to help her with the children and Jim came up with a boat as far as there to take her home.
The new Methodist Minister Revd Syms held service in the Hall in the pm.  I attended, I liked him very well,  Mrs Lees sang a solo, “He shall feel His Lambs“.

Monday 19th   It was a fine day.  Willie was working at the cow shed.
I was weeding in the garden in the morn’g and in the pm I went down to the wharf was there when the “Kawau” arrived from Auckland bringing a boring plant for Mr Holder, to bore for coal at Pakiri.
I carried up a bag of sand.
I sent away an order to W. E. Lippiatt of Otahuhu for 7 new Roses.

Tuesday 20th   A very cold wind blowing today, a long shower in the pm.  Grace went to Auckland in the “Kawau” this morning which left here at 9.30, Willie & I went down to see her off.  I carried up a bag of sand.  Willie was working at the shed.  I did some weeding.

Wednesday 21st   It was a very squally and showery day and very cold.  I did no work out of doors.  In the morning Willie was working at the shed and in the afternoon he packed 21 Cases of Vicar Pears and he hauled them down to the wharf.
Minnie called in the afternoon and after calling on Mrs McKinnon she went round in the Steamer.
I went down to the Steamer.
Mrs Jas  Greenwood and Percy came in the evening to get my signature.

Thursday 22nd   Very showery in the morning, but not quite so bad in the pm.  Willie was working at the cow shed.  As it was so cold and miserable I did not work out of doors.
Willie went to the choir practice in the evening.

Friday 23rd   It was a very fine day.  I was picking up manure and putting it on the manure heap.
Willie was working at the cow shed.  I went down to the village in the evening.  Grace sent a bag of eatables up by the Steamer, got the mail and attended the Library.  The Annual Meeting of the Farmers & Fruitgrowers Association was held in the Library, Mr Rhodes and I were severally re-elected Secretary & Chairman.

Saturday 24th   It was a very dull and calm day, but it did not rain.
I sowed a row of Sweet Peas near the WC.   Willie was working on the shed.
In the afternoon I went down to the beach to get some sand, also called in at the Library.

Sunday 25th   It was rather a dull & calm day, but no rain.
Mr J. Pigott (Anglican Student) held service in the Hall in the afternoon, there was a fair congregation.  Willie & I attended. Collection 10/-

Monday 26th   It was a very fine day, but towards evening the wind seemed to be coming from the SE.  Willie was packing Vicar Pears.

Tuesday 27th   It was a very fine day.  After breakfast Willie took 21 Cases of Vicar Pears down to the wharf, I went down also and got some sand which Willie hauled up for me.  In the afternoon Willie was making bails in the shed.  I put in a lot of Cuttings

Wednesday 28th     It was a very fine day, and calm, but it looks like a change.  Willie was fixing bails in the cow shed.  I fixed some kerbing in the flower garden.  I went down to the Steamer in the afternoon and got the mail.

Thursday 29th   It was very showery in the morning and it appeared as if it had settled in for a wet day, however the wind changed to the SW and it was fine in the pm.  Willie was fixing up the bails in the shed.  I was not feeling very well so occupied myself in reading and doing the cooking.

Friday 30th   It was a very fine day.  Willie was baking a batch of bread.  I made some kerbing for the garden.  In the evening I got the mail & attended the Library.

Saturday 31st   It was a fine day.  After breakfast I went down to the village, got some sand which Willie hauled up for me on his return home from taking down a load of Pears.  Willie sowed some oats in the garden which had been in maize.  I was fixing some  kerbing at the round bed.

May was an unusually showery and cold month