February 1907

Friday 1st   It was a fine day.  We were up early in the morning and we picked 4 Cases Orleans Plums in the farm orchard and hauled the 9 Cases Fruit down to the wharf to go by the “Kawau” which was expected in here at 9.30 am, but she was much after that time so we did not wait for her.  Alec & Duncan Matheson were erecting shear legs to drive a pile in the wharf.
Walter Trearson drove 4 of our sheep out of his place and we put them in the front.  In the afternoon Willie and I were fixing up the fence between the front & the barley paddock so that the sheep would not get out.
There was a meeting of the Library Trustees in the evening, I was appointed sole Librarian.

Saturday 2nd   There was some misty rain and it was thick all round in the morning and we thought it was going to be a wet day, but towards noon it cleared up, the sun came out and it was a hot day.
There was a Tennis match at Pakiri beteen Kia Ora and Leigh clubs.  Jane went and played in the ladies doubles, Leigh won.
Willie went fishing to Ti Point he caught 17 fish, gave several away and brought 6 or 7 home.  I went down to the mail in the evening and attended the Library for the first time.

Saturday 3rd   It was a beautiful day.  Willie and Jane went to Ti Point to spend the day.  I remained at home to rest myself.

Monday 4th   There were a few showers last night and there was misty rain this morning.  Willie and I went over to the farm orchard and picjed 4 Cases of Orleans, on account of the rain we came home,  Jane could not find her horse last night so staid at Minnies all night and came home this morning.  We picked another Case of Orleans in the farm orchard in the pm, and 2 in this orchard, making 7 Cases.  As a few sheep were getting into this orchard we fixed up the fence and tightened up the wires.

Tuesday 5th   It rained heavily last night and the ground was very wet, but it soon dried up.  We picked 3 Cases of Orleans in the farm orchard.
Minnie, Alma & Agnes, Mrs D. Knaggs & Connie were here for dinner.  There came here to pick blackberries.  Willie and I took the 10 Cases Orleans down to the wharf to go by the “Kawau“.  Alec & Duncan Matheson have put in the pile, and they sent the pile driving machine back in the “Kawau“.
Willie and I picked 2 Cases Orleans in the farm orchard in the pm.  There was a heavy shower of rain about 6 pm.

Wednesday 6th  There were several showers during the day.  We picked 3 Cases of Orleans plums in the farm orchard, making 6 Cases, these Willie hauled down to the wharf in the afternoon.  It was a Matakana Show today, none of us went.

Thursday 7th   It was a very fine day.  Willie and I were picking Orleans in the farm orchard, we picked 9 Cases.
The sky was overcast with very black clouds in the evening, but it passed off with only a few spots of rain.

Friday 8th   It was a fine day.  While Willie was milking the cows he found out that the “Kawau” was lying along side of the wharf, so we hauled what fruit we had picked down to the wharf, we found that the Steamer was not able to get into Mangawai on account of the bar, so we went home, picked 2 more cases of fruit and had dinner intending to carry the fruit down, but we saw the “Kawau” outside the harbour battling with the waves, on her way to Auckland.

Saturday 9th   It was a very hot day.  Jane rode to Pakiri taking Alma before her on the saddle, to take part in a Tennis Match between Pakiri & Leigh Clubs, they staid overnight.  Willie walked to Ti Point to fish, he caught 27, gave some away and brought 4 home.
I was making a step at the back verandah, went down to attend to the Library in the evening.

Sunday 10th   It was a beautiful day.  Willie walked over to Ti Point to spend the day.
Revd E. G. Evans held service in the Hall in the evening.  I staid at home all day to rest myself.  Jane & Alma returned from Pakiri in the evening having spent a very good time.

Monday 11th  It was a very hot day.  Willie and I were picking fruit, we picked 3 Cases Orleans, 1 Case Burbanks.

Tuesday 12th   It was a fine day, tho’ dull.  We took the 6 Cases Fruit down to the wharf first thing in the morning to meet the “Kawau“.
Thompson & Hills sent down 71 empty cases, but only 15 lids, we paid back 20 to Walter Frearson what we borrowed and hauled a few home.  The Steamer was so late in coming that most people gave her up and went home, after we got home we heard her whistle.
In the afternoon we picked 5 Cases Bon Chretien Pears.  It came on to rain after tea.

Wednesday 13th   It was a showery day, we were unable to pick any more fruit.  I went down to the P. O in the afternoon and when I came home Willie took the bullock with the 5 Cases of Bon Chretien Pears down to the wharf and waited for the steamer until late, but she did not come and we do not know the reason , we were rather expecting Mrs Wallace and Mrs Simpson by her.

Thursday 14th   It was raining all last night and blowing strong from the E, and it rained steadily all day, it cleared up about 5.30 pm the wind having changed to the S.  I employed myself in writing a long letter to my brother, Henry.

Friday 15th   Everything was very wet with all the rain we had yesterday and last night.  The ground is strewn with pears that were blown off.  The “Kawau” came in this morning having been wind bound at Kawau ever since Wednesday.  Willie went down to get the mail and got some case lids.  We picked up the Pears that were on the ground and packed the best,  viz
2  Case Bon Chrietien Pears
4  do  Beurre Capiaumont
1  do  Beurre Diel
1  do  Elbert  Peach
These Willie hauled down to the wharf in the afternoon .  Jim Dunning came in the afternoon to register Mr Harpers death.
Joe came over and took Alma home.

Saturday 16th   It was a fine day.  In the morning I went down to the P.O to sign the Guarantee Bond for Mr Harper.
Willie and I were mending up the fence between the E.R. and Willie Savages which has been carried away by a slip , Willie Savage very kindly helped us.
In the afternoon Willie caught 2 Sheep that were constantly getting in to Walter Freasons orchard, he tied them up and put them into a calf place.  Afterwards Willie went fishing to Ti Point and staid all night.  Jane went down to the Tennis, I also went down to stack return fruit cases on the wharf.  I was also down at the Library in the evening.Fruit-1907

Sunday 17th   It rained very heavily last night, and thundered and lightened, but it was fine today.
I went over to Joe Wyatts in the pm and staid tea, Mrs Handby was there, Jane staid at home.  Willie returned from Ti Point in the evening bringing a puppy with him.

Monday 18th   It was a fine day.  Willie and I were making a path in the back yard.
Jane and Willie went down to meet the “Kawau” in the evening, she did not arrive until 7 pm, Mrs Simpson came by her, and she came up here.  We killed an old ewe in the evening.

Tuesday 19th   It was a fine day.  Willie and I were picking Bon Chretien Pears, we stripped the tree, we have taken 15 Cases off it.  In the afternoon we hauled the six cases of fruit to the wharf to meet the “Kawau” on her trip from Mangawai, we hauled up 54 empty cases that Thompson & Hills had returned.
We killed the other ewe that used to get into Walter Frearsons orchard in the evening.  It rained in the evening.

Wednesday 20th   It was very showery in the morning.  In the afternoon Willie took the bullock down to the wharf with 6 Cases of Pears down to the wharf, it was the “Orewa” that came this week, the roads were heavy with the rain this morning we could only use a sleigh, only hauled up 8 empty cases.
In the afternoon Harold & Flo came over on horses and took Mrs Simpson over to their place.

Thursday 21st   It was a very fine day.   In the morning Willie and I picked 2 Cases Beurrie Capiaumont and stripped the tree.
In the afternoon Willie took the bullock down to the wharf and hauled up 1 Sack Maize & 1 Sack Bran that came in the “Orewa” yesterday.   I  bandaged the Apple & Pear trees.
The overland Mail arrived this evening it is for the future changed to Thursday so that we shall get our Weekly News sooner.  I went down to Mail & Library.  The “Kawau” called in on her way to the Mangawai Show.

Friday 22nd    It was a fine day.  I was not very well in the morning so only did a few odd jobs.  Willie was picking fruit.
In the afternoon Willie and I went down to the wharf with the bullock and 6 Cases of Fruit, hauled up a lot of returned empty cases.
While I was down there I heard that Mr John Birdsall had died in Auckland yesterday, having had a paralytic stroke on the “Kapanui” while going up to Auckland more than a week, having remained in a semi-unconcious state until the end.  Mrs Birdsall and Ethel being with him all the time and Bowden going up several times.  In the evening I went up to Mrs Handbys to beg some flowers to make a wreath.

Saturday 23rd   It was a fine day.  In the morning I went down to the village to see if I could find out when Mr Birdsalls funeral was to be,  while I was down there I was handed a Telegram from Jack saying that he could not come home until the middle of March.
In the afternoon I rode over to the Whangateau Cemetery, Revd Canon Haseldon came to take the funeral service, the first part was in the Hall, Mrs Haseldon gave a very nice address, there were a large number present.
In the evening I went down to the wharf to meet the “Kawau” off.
Canon Haseldon & Tom Birdsall went to town by her.

Sunday 24th   It was a dull day.  I rode over to Ti Point in the pm, had dinner at Harold Torkington, afterwards went to Duncan Knaggs to see Mrs Walter who was staying there.  I also met Mr Elliot (Teacher) for the first time, he seems a nice young fellow.
Mabel Wyatt came to spend the afternoon with Jane.
Willie went over to D. Mathesons near the Pa.

Monday 25th   It was a fine day.  Willie rode over to Ti Point in the morning to get some fishing gear as he is going mates with D. Matheson.  In the afternoon they went out to catch bait and they were going to start fishing this evening for the “Kawau” tomorrow morning.  I was picking fruit all day in this orchard.

Tuesday 26th   It was a very fine day.  I got up early in the morning and took the fruit and box of Eggs down to the wharf with the bullock, the Steamer should have come in at 9 am, but she called at Pakiri to load charcoal, so that it was much later than that when she came,  Willie and D. Matheson caught 16 bundles of fish last night. Hauled up a Keg of vinegar and some sandstone.  Revd E.G. Evans called in the pm.

Wednesday 27th   It rained very heavy last night and there were a few showers this morning, we thought it was going to be a wet day as the wind has changed to the NE however it fortunately has kept fine.  I did not exhibit anything,  Willie put in Vicar Pears and got 2nd prize, Jane put in Gents buttonhole and got 1st prize, a currant loaf, but no prize.  The “Kapanui” arrived from Auckland at 11.30, I was down to meet her, Tillie Coplestone came up to stay with us.  A parcel of new books came up for the Library.
Joe, Minnie, the children and Mr T were here for lunch and Mrs Jack Cruickshank & two Miss Cruickshanks here for tea, they went down to the Concert in the evening.
I stayed at home and finished a letter to Willie Dunning which I intend to post tomorrow in answer to one I received from him today.

Thursday 28th   It was a fine day, but not as bright as yesterday.
Mrs Jack, her boy & the Miss Cruickshanks returned home after breakfast.  In the morning I went down to the Library, I cataloged & numbered the new books.
In the afternoon Willie and I were doing something to the path near the back verandah.
Jane & Tillie went down to Tennis.  In the evening I went down to attend the Library and gave out the new books.