February 1902

Saturday 1st   It was a fine day.  In the morning we were fixing up the fence between our place and Mathesons paddock.  In the afternoon I was marking Cases and weeding the flower garden.  Joe Torkington called in the evening.

Sunday 2nd   It was a very hot day.  I got up very early and got my work done and then I walked to Parkiri calling in at Kempts to have a look at their flowers.  Mr J. Jebson (Wesleyan) conducted service in the Hall at Pakiri which I attended, afterwards I went to Mr Jos Harpers for dinner and tea, arriving at home about dark.  Jane had been spending the day at Jos  Greenwoods, and Willie went to Ti Point and went for a sail with Joe and Minnie.

Monday 3rd   It was a very hot day.  We were all picking Orleans Plums all day in the farm orchard, Bob Rogers was helping us.

Tuesday 4th   It was a very hot day.  We finished picking fruit in the morning and hauled it down to the wharf in the afternoon, the Rose ad a lot of passengers and cargo.
I had 50  fruit cases up, but I owe 33, so that I only had 17 to take home.  There was a meeting of the Show Committee in the Hall in the evening.

There is now a blank page in the diary, and  Clarke continues his entries on the next page dating it April  17th.  We do not know why there is a 10 week gap.