February 1890

Saturday 1st   We cleaned out all the pig styes and picked up a lot of manure and put on the new heap.

Sunday 2nd  Mr Witham was to have preached in the morning, we went down, but he did not come.  Daniel Kempt & Willie Pratt were here for dinner.  D.K. & I went up to Neeleys in the afternoon.  I read service in the evening.

Monday 3rd  We stuck the Veitch’s Perfection Peas, also the Zebra Beans in the morning.  In the afternoon we went on to the hill & bundled up the Oats.  The weather is very dry & we want rain badly.

Tuesday 4th   Mr Neeley got his Sheep up to dip them, we went up there was a ewe & lamb of ours in and he promised to dip them and put them over into our place.  We were busy picking plums.  Charlie, Maggie & George came for tea.

Wednesday 5th   We were picking Plums all day.  We sent away to Auction 8 Cases, we had a lot too ripe to send away which we gave away.  Received a letter from Mr Runciman also from Mr G. W. Binney containing cheque for the wool.  It brought 8¼ d per lb and there was 594 lb Nett realising clear of all charges £18.16.1

Thursday 6th  Mrs Pratt came and staid for dinner.  John was hauling for Haskells & T. W. K.

Friday 7th  John hauled some goods for Jackson in the morning.  We then hauled the Oats and stored them in the big room.  Killed a sheep in the evening.

Saturday 8th   We were thrashing Oats in the morning.
Willie P. came and staid all night.

Sunday 9th  Maud & Willie started to go to Mr Cames but it came on to rain when they got to Big Omaha so they turned back.  I went to Dacre’s Claim & read service, there were only 8 present,  I went to Mr Birdsall’s for dinner, returning home in the afternoon,  read service in the evening, 18 present.

Monday 10th   We thrashed Oats in the morning & cut tea tree in the afternoon.

Tuesday 11th   Cut tea tree am & pm

Wednesday 12th   We picked and sent away 1 Case Lemons 16 Doz.
1 Small Case Golden Drop Plums.
Maggie Clarke went away in the “Rose Casey” in the evening.

 Thursday 13th  John went to Warkworth on his horse to get some chains repaired.  Mr John Meiklejohn called in the morning & staid dinner.  Mr & Mrs Walter & boys came for tea.

Friday 14th  We cut tea tree in the morning and thrashed Oats in the afternoon.  Killed a Sheep in the evening.

Saturday 15th   We thrashed Oats in the morning.  Put the Sow to the Boar in the afternoon.

Sunday 16th   Rode over to Dacre’s Claim in the morning and read service in the Hall, about 30 present.  Read service in the Omaha Hall in the evening, there were about 65 present.

Monday 17th  We finished thrashing the Oats, and winnowed them, we have a large Sack full besides some we are keeping for the Show.

Tuesday 18th We were thrashing grass seed in the morning, cleaned the pigs & Calf place out, put the planks above the cow shed, and stored the Cocksfoot hay there. Removed the Sow down to lower sty.

Wednesday 19th  We picked and sent away 1 Case Peaches 16½ doz  & 1 Case German Damsons.

Thursday 20th  We are preparing for dipping the Sheep, got them up in the evening.

Friday 21st  Charlie, Walter & George came & helped us dip the Sheep.  Mr Angove Jnr came to take the Agricultural Statistics.  We had a shower of rain in the middle of the day.  We finished thrashing all the grass seed, and put the hay in the cow shed.

Sunday 23rd   I rode over to Dacre’s Claim in the morning, but Mr Saddler was at home, so he conducted the service.  I read service in the Hall in the evening.

Monday 24th  I started on John’s horse at 3 oclock this morning for Auckland and arrived at the places as follows.
Glen Eden Bridge  5 h . 0 m
Warkworth               5 h . 45 m
Puhoi Bridge             7 h . 50 m
Waiwera Bridge     8 h . 50 m
Wade                            10 h . 50 m
I dined and gave the horse a feed at Bond’s remaining there 2½ hours, reaching Bull’s at the North Shore at 5 pm.  Crossed over to Auckland by the 5.30 boat reaching Auckland Wharf as the clock was striking 6.  Went up to Symond St by the Tram walking over the Cemetry Bridge to Mr Runcimans at Grafton Road.  A cousin of Mr R.’s was staying there a Mr Lothian

Tuesday 25th  I was busy shopping all day

Wednesday 26th  I heard this morning of the death of Captn Sommerville which took place at his residence in Cook St very suddenly.  I sent all my goods down by the “Rose Casey”.  In the afternoon I went out to Epsom by the tram and from thence walked to Mr Tiplady at Three Kings, returning to Runciman’s in the evening.

Thursday 27th  I crossed over to North Shore by the 12.30 boat walked to Bulls where I had left my horse. starting at 1.45 arriving at Gruts at Orewa at 6 pm, where I staid.

Friday 28th  Started at 7.30.  I felt so ill on the road that I called in at Mr Morgan’s to get a little painkiller, arriving at home at 4 pm.
Expenses on the road 9/10.