April 1893

Saturday 1st   I was logging up all day.  Henry was thrashing Cocksfoot in the morning and in the afternoon he & Willie went to a cricket match at Dacre’s Claim.

Sunday 2nd   It was a very fine day.  I read service in the hall in the evening.  I heard that the Steamer “Ruby” was wrecked at Mangawai, and that Mr Smallwood and young Dowson were drowned.

Monday 3rd  We hauled the last load of firewood down to Mathesons beach and then we hauled 6 loads of posts 121 in all.

Tuesday 4th   We were logging up all day.  When we returned home in the evening Miss Pratt was here and she staid all night.

Wednesday 5th   Willie’s birthday, he is 10 years old.  Mr Neeley came early this morning to tell us that some dogs had been worrying our Sheep, we found out that it was Mr Rogers and Mr Savage’s dogs, they worried a 4 tooth Ewe and a Lamb,  we had to kill them.  Killing and skinning these Sheep so hindered us, that we were only able to haul out 2 loads of posts  42.  I was logging up after this, Henry hauled down to the wharf Mr & Mrs Jas Young’s goods as they are going to live at the Kawau,  they went away by the Steamer.  We had 3 Coils of No 8 Galvanized Wire and 20 lbs Staples up by the Steamer, the Hog Wire did not come.
The Miss Lloyds were here for tea and the young people went to a dance at the Hall.

Thursday 6th   It rained a little last night.  Henry was cutting the ti tree alongside of Frearson’s fence.  I was logging up in the E.R. all day.  We got all the Sheep up in the evening.

Friday 7th    We cleaned all the Sheep and Lambs that had not been done before and also drenched the Lambs with Turpentine & Milk.  In the afternoon we carried out some posts, and put on some of the Wire that we took off the E.R. fence.  Willie came home from Tomarata in the evening as there is a cricket match tomorrow at Matakana.

Saturday 8th   Willie went to Matakana to play in a cricket match between the Omaha & Matakana clubs.  Omaha won by 15 runs.  We were working the bullocks hauling out posts, we took 7 loads down to the beach.  John returned from Tomarata in the evening.
I settled up with Henry this evening for his Fruit sent away last season also for 2 Cases of Passion Fruit sent this season, also £1 that I owed him.  Some time ago I paid him for 1 Case Passion Fruit also sent this season.

Sunday 9th   It was very dull & cloudy in the morning and it was very showery in the afternoon and evening.  Service was to have been altered to day to the afternoon but on account of the weather there was none.

Monday 10th   There were a few showers in the morning.  Willie & John went to Tomarata.  I made 2 Fruit Cases and packed 2 Cases Beuree Diel Pears and 1 Case of Russet Apples.  Henry made a Yoke for the Bullocks.

Tuesday 11th   We hauled with the Bullocks 14 sleepers & some Posts out of the Lemon Garden on to the road next the E.R.  Afterwards I was logging up.  Henry took the 2 pairs of Bullocks down to the Wharf and hauled up 300 lbs Flour & 1 Sack Potatoes that came by the Steamer this evening, he also hauled down the 3 Cases of Fruit.

Wednesday 12th   I was logging up in the E.R. all day.  Henry was cutting the ti tree next Frearson’s fence.

Thursday 13th   We were working the Bullocks, hauling Posts down to Matheson’s landing .  Miss Wann and Blanche called in the evening.

Friday 14th   Henry & I were logging up in the E.R. all day.  There was a meeting of the Library Committee in the evening.

Saturday 15th   We were working the bullocks hauling Sleepers down to Matheson’s landing and we stacked them ready for shipment.  Willie & John came home in the evening.

Sunday 16th   It was a dull day.  A Sunday School was started in the Hall this afternoon at 1.30 conducted by Miss Wann & Miss Clara Fordham.  I held service in the Hall at 2.30 to a fair congregation.  Charlie Pratt was here for tea.

Monday 17th   Willie & John returned to Tomarata in the morning.  It was showery all day.  Henry & I were logging up in the E.R.

Tuesday 18th   Very showery all day.  We did not go away to work.  I made an axe handle in the shed and wrote a letter to my brother John, which Henry posted when he went down to the Steamer this evening.

Wednesday 19th   It rained heavily last night.  It was very dull to day but it did not rain.  I was sieving grass seed and shelling beans.  Went down to the E.R. to get my axe and I put the new handle that I made into it.

Thursday 20th   It was a dull day and the ground did not dry up much.  We were clearing the line and logging up in the E.R.
Wrote a letter to Cuthbertson & Co in the evening enclosing Cheques for £4 . 10 . 0 and ordering a Post Auger, a Grafting Tool & 10 lbs Clover Seed.
Also wrote to the Secretary of Education Reserves enclosing 5/- for half a years rent on lot 54, due the 1st instant.

Friday 21st   It rained last night but cleared up this morning.  We worked the young pair of bullocks hauling posts.  We killed a Sheep in the evening.

Saturday 22nd   It rained last night and it was very damp this morning.   Henry took the meat out on his horse.  In the afternoon we went to the E.R.  and were clearing the line and making fires.  There was a meeting of the Farmers Association in the Hall in the evening,  there was a very small attendance.

Sunday 23rd   It rained very heavy this morning, but cleared up in the afternoon.  I read service at 2.30.  Small congregation.  Rained again in the evening.

Monday 24th   It rained again in the morning, but cleared up in the afternoon.  Willie & John did not go to Tomarata until the afternoon.  Henry & I pulled up ti tree in the barley paddock.
Our Cow Blossey died today, she had been bad for some days.
The Annual Meeting of Householders to elect a School Committee was held in the School at 4 pm.  There was a large attendance and great interest taken in it.  The following were elected a Committee, Messrs T. W. Knaggs,  D. W. Knaggs,  John Wyatt,  Jos  Wyatt,  Alex Kempt,  W. Neeley and G. Ashton,  Mr W. Greenwood was also nominated, also Mr G. H. Saddler.

Tuesday 25th   It was showery in the morning, but it was finer in the afternoon.  Henry skinned Blossey last night and we cut her up and buried her in the orchard.  Salted the hide and sent it away by the Steamer.  We mixed grass seed ready for sowing.

Wednesday 26th   It was a fine day.  We commenced to grass seed in the E.R.  We mixed 1 Bushell of Tall Fescue, 1 ditto Cocksfoot & 1¼ Rye Grass with some Red Top for the ti tree land & some Cow Grass White & Alsyke Clover.
Tom Pratt came over with the bullocks to get some goods from the Wharf and Maud & the baby went up to Pratts with him on the sleigh.

Thursday 27th   Henry went up to Pratts on his horse, as Tom Pratt had taken our Tall Fescue by mistake for Willis Rye Grass seed, he brought it back with him.  I was logging up in the E.R. up the boundary line.  Willie came home in the evening.

Friday 28th   We were sowing Grass Seed in the E.R. , came home early as Henry had to Kill a Sheep all by himself.  I went to a Soiree at Pakiri on Henry‘s horse and enjoyed myself very much, there were over 100 there, the provisions which were made by the ladies of the district were excellent, the concert was also very good.  I got home about 4 the next morning

Saturday 29th   Henry & I were sowing grass seed in the E.R. all day.  Willie & Maud returned from Pratts in the evening.  John also returned from Tomarata bringing with him 2 Pigeons and
1 Pheasant.

Sunday 30th   It was a very dull day with several showers.  I took Miss Wann‘s place at the Sunday school as she is at Pakiri.  Revd J. Haselden preached in the Hall in the afternoon, 40 were present and 14/- was collected.  Miss Wann came here for tea to call for Blanche Dunning who has been staying here since Friday.