September 1889

Sunday 1st    I went over to Frearsons in the morning to look at their young  pigs, also to see Mr Walter’s garden.  Mr Douse preached in the morning his last sermon, as he is leaving Warkworth,  I shall miss his services very much, as he is a good earnest preacher.
I read service in the afternoon, there were about 40 present.
It was a very fine day.

Monday 2nd   We mended up the garden fence from the land slip up to the closet.  Cleaned out the new pig stye.  Commenced digging between the cabbages, digging in the pigs manure.

Tuesday 3rd   We finished digging between the cabbages.  Commenced to pull down the old shed at the back of the house.  Wind blowing from NE and it looks very much like rain.

Wednesday 4th    It rained heavily all morning, Charlie came up for dinner.  It cleared up in the afternoon, the wind has gone round to SW.  I wrote a long letter to my brother Tom in the evening.

Thursday 5th   Charlie came in the afternoon with one pair of bullocks, and with our bullocks continued ploughing.  It was a fine day, wind still from the SW.  Charlie staid all night.

Friday 6th   Commenced ploughing the first thing in the morning, but it came on the rain and we had to knock off before dinner on account of the rain as it set in for a wet afternoon.  However we finished the headland against the stockyard.
It was too wet to go to the Library.

Saturday 7th   It rained with hardly any intermission all day.  It also blew hard from the E.  The Sow farrowed in the afternoon, she had 9 young ones 6 Boars and 3 Sows.
Henry returned from Pakiri in the evening he brought 16/6 with him besides 1 lb of tea,  Willie Pratt came with him and staid over the Sunday.

Sunday 8th   It was a very showery day, the wind still from the E.
I read service in the afternoon but there were only about 14 present.
We all went to Mr Wyatt Senr for tea, to celebrate his golden wedding, all his sons and nearly all his grandchildren were present.
The wind changed round to the SW in the evening.

Monday 9th   Willie & Henry went away to Pakiri early in the morning.  Charlie came in the morning to plough, he ploughed all day and finished the piece of ground the top side of the house by the evening.
Charlie has been 6½ Days  ploughing here now.
It was a very fine day,  wind SW.

Tuesday 10th   We were forming the road going up to the stockyard.  Charlie came in the afternoon to pay the interest on the Race Course, he helped us to kill the sow pig.  Miss Pratt came in the afternoon and staid all night.  I sent up by the Captain  £3.4.10  to the Asinee in Bankruptcy, in Adam Laybourn estate.  Wind blowing strong from SW.

Wednesday 11th   Cut up the pig in the morning and salted it away.  It weighed 175¼ lbs, but it was not fat.  In the afternoon we laid the gravel opposite the new pig stye and cleared out the store.
Mrs John Wyatt called in the afternoon.  Charlie, Walter & George went up the hill to fall bush.

Thursday 12th  It was a very fine day.  We dug up the piece of ground near the pigs paddock gate, that was in Oats in the winter.

Friday 13th   The wind has changed round to the NE and we had a few showers of rain in the afternoon.  John cleaned out the pigs, and I was making a gate for the garden.

Saturday 14th   I finished making the garden gate.
The wind at NE, very dull all day and it came on to rain in the evening.  Willie came home with Henry in the evening and staid over the Sunday.  Henry brought home 13/6, the result of two weeks work.

Sunday 15th   It was very showery all day.  There was no service.  Walter Wyatt was here for dinner & he put his horse in here for a few weeks.

Monday 16th   John went to Pakiri in the morning with Willie to dig gum.  We fixed up the garden gate.  Heavy showers in the afternoon.  Mrs Fordham came in the afternoon and staid for tea.

Tuesday 17th   It was a fine day.  We were pulling down the shed and putting up the fence.  The Steamer came in early.  Revd I. Richards came up by her to hold service next Sunday.  He came up to my house to stay.

Wednesday 18th   It rained steadily all day, but cleared up a bit in the afternoon.  Took Mr Richards to Mr Walters where we had tea and spent a very pleasant evening.

Thursday 19th   The weather was showery, but not quite so bad as yesterday.  In the morning I took Mr Richards to call on some of the settlers round here, we dined at Mrs D. Matheson’s.  In the afternoon I took Mr Richards up the hill to Mr Greenwood’s where he is going to stay.

Friday 20th   The wind blew very strong from the SW.  It is drying up the ground very quick.  We finished pulling down the shed.

Saturday 21st  John came home from Pakiri, he did not get much gum this week & he did not sell it.  Willie came home with him and staid over the Sunday.

Sunday 22nd   It was a fine day.  Revd I. Richards conducted service in the Hall in the afternoon, there were 67 present,  collection 15/7.  Five staid for communion.  Mr Richards returned here and staid all night.

Monday 23rd   It was a fine day.  Mr Richards went over to Dacre’s Claim in the morning to visit the settlers over there.  He had service in the Maori Hall in the evening at 7 oclock, there were 77 present, collection 12/4.  George Ashton’s infant son was baptised, name Guy Bruce.  Mr Richards went to Mr Birdsall’s and staid all night.  Maud & I were over at the service.
In the morning Charlie, the boys & I went up to Neeley’s to get our Sheep out of his place.  We took 10 Sheep & 3 Lambs out of Neeley’s place and took them down to the beach, Charlie is going to buy the Sheep at 7/- each, the Lambs in.  He has now had 15.

Tuesday 24th   It poured with rain all day, there was a very heavy fresh in the creek.  Bowden Birdsall brought Mr Richards over in the evening.  The Steamer did not come in on account of the wind & the thick misty weather.

Wednesday 25th   It was a fine day, the wind dried the ground up very much.  The Steamer did not come in this morning, so Johny took Mr Richards over to Warkworth to catch the coach tomorrow morning.  Henry & I finished the fence in the afternoon.

Thursday 26th   It was very misty in the morning and it came on to rain heavily in the afternoon and evening.  In the afternoon John & I went down to the beach with the bullocks to get up some sea weed & to borrow some Flour and Sharps of John Wyatt.
Henry went to Pakiri on his horse to dig gum & to sell what John dug last week.

Friday 27th   John & I mended up the fence at the top of the farm orchard.  In the afternoon we cut some tea tree to make a wattle fence at the Koeroa creek where the fresh on Tuesday carried away.

Saturday 28th   In the morning we went down to the Koeroa creek and made the wattle fence and also mended the fence over Frearson’s side.
In the afternoon I earthed up some Potatoes.  There was a heavy shower of rain.
Charlie went up to Neeley’s and got a Ewe & two Lambs of mine that were in Neeley’s and took them down to the beach.  He has now had 16 Sheep.
Henry came home from Pakiri, he brought 8/6 Cash & ½ lb Tea.  He also brought a Turkey hen that Mrs Pratt gave us.

Sunday 29th   It was a fine day.  Willie Pratt came over for dinner and brought us another Turkey.  I read service in the Hall in the afternoon.  I went to Mrs Fordhams and staid for tea.

Monday 30th   It was a very fine day.  Minnie & Jane were at home it being the Michaelmas Holidays.
We howed & earthed up all the Potatoes the far side of the orchard.  Clara & Herbert Fordham came in the evening & had a game of cards.