May 1889

Wednesday 1st   Charlie was digging in the garden in the morning and planted some bulbs.  I went down into the town in the afternoon to meet the Steamer from Omaha.

Thursday 2nd  Charlie & I went down town in the morning.  In the afternoon I went out to see Mr Tiplady at Three Kings.

Friday 3rd  Went to call on the Revd T.P. Hewlett after breakfast, who lives with his daughter, Mrs Bree at Mt Eden.  Met Charlie at the horse sales, saw Mr Kirkbride & Matthew and arranged to go out with the farmer to stay at his place.  Met him at the station at 2 pm and went by train to Onehunga, walked across the Mangare bridge, called at Mr Mountsey’s where we had tea, Mr Kirkbride took me to see the Church which was built by the Maoris before the War.  Mr K. had a horse and we took it turns to ride to his place 5 miles distant where we arrived after dark.

Saturday 4th  In the morning Mr K. showed me round his farm, he then drove me in his buggy to his brother Matthew’s place where we dined.  Returning to Mr K‘s place in the afternoon, where we found Mr K‘s father in law Mr Westney and a neighbour  a Mr Robinson came in the evening to have a talk,  he comes from the Fens of Lincolnshire, but he did not know any of my friends living there.

Sunday 5th  Started from Mr K.’s at eight in the morning and caught the 10 oclock train at Onehunga, got out at Newmarket and went up to the Remuera Church.   Revd I. Richards (?) officiated, walked up to the Mr Runcimans in Grafton Road and dined there, went to George Fletcher’s in the afternoon & had tea there, returning to Runcimans, and went with Charlie, Maggie & Kenzie to Church in Cook Street Hall , the denomination being called Christian Bretheren  of which the Runciman’s are members.

Monday 6th  Said goodbye to the Runciman’s with very much regret, having spent a very pleasant time there.
Charlies mission to Auckland was principally to see Maggie Clark who he met at my house when she was staying with us about two months ago, he seemed very much struck with her then, and he is now formally engaged to her now,  I am very pleased as I think she will make him a good wife and I am sure he deserves one as he is worthy good fellow.
We caught the 8 oclock steamer to the North Shore, went out in Davis’ buss to the Lake & started from Quicks at 9.30.  It was a splendid day and very warm, we called at Gruts at Orewa, where we dined and gave the horses a feed, got to Warkworth at 5 pm.  Called at Nathaniel Wilsons where we had tea, staid there about three hours , starting away again at 8 arriving at home at 11.30.   Found them all well.  Charlie staid all night.  Expenses to & from Auckland on the road  8/5.

Tuesday 7th   Felt rather stiff this morning after the long ride.  The boys and I went down on the farm clearing up the tea tree .  In the afternoon I wrote letters to Mrs Runciman & Maggie Clark.  went down to the Steamer in the evening.

Wednesday 8th  Went down to the Wharf in the morning to bring some parcels up.  The boys hauled some Bone Dust and Grass Seed up from the Wharf.  Took our Boar to Frearsons in the afternoon.

Thursday 9th  It rained all day.  Could not do anything out of doors.  It is the first heavy rain we have had this autumn.

Friday 10th  It rained all day,  could not work out of doors.  The rain has thoroughly sunk into the ground and lies in pools on the surface.

 Saturday 11th   The rain seems all over, and it was a very fine day.  We got the Sheep up in the morning  and killed a wether, cut it up and took it out in the evening.  I cleaned out the Pigs in the afternoon.  There was a meeting of the Subscribers to the Horticultural Show in the evening at the Hall, to take into consideration the desirability of amalgamating an Agricultural with the next Horticultural Show.  A Proposition in favour of it was carried 8 in favour, 4 against.  Charlie Wyatt & I  resigned & Messrs Mirehouse and Lane were elected in our stead.
They were Rinking in the Hall to night, they commenced last Saturday night.  Miss Pratt & Willie staid here all night.

Sunday 12th  Charlie Wyatt, Johny & I rode over to Dacre’s Claim Church in the morning.  I read the Lessons.
Returned home for dinner, Mr Raynor, Miss Pratt & Willie dined with us.
I read service in the Hall in the afternoon, there were 49 present.  Charlie came up here for tea.

Monday 13th  We cut down a Kaikatea on the hill, cut off some blocks & split some palings and ends for making cases.  It was a fine day.

Tuesday 14th  I made 2 Cases and we filled them with Beurre Diel Pears, we also filled a sack with Onions.  The boys hauled them down to the beach in the afternoon.  It commenced to rain in the afternoon and continued raining all evening.

Wednesday 15th  The boys finished sawing the Kaikatea tree up into blocks, I was making cases in the shed.  It was very showery all day.  Mr Pratt called and staid for dinner.  Put the biggest Sow to the Boar.  I went to George Knaggs‘ in the evening.

Thursday 16th  We were sowing Grass Seed & raking it in over on the clearing.  I went over to Mr D. Matheson’s in the evening.

Friday 17th  The weather is very unsettled, showery & windy.  We were sowing Grass Seed.  Went to the Library in the evening.

Saturday 18th  I started off in the morning on Henry’s horse up the hill.  I called at Kempt’s  and had dinner there, in the afternoon I went on to Pakiri, called at Mr Wittens and then went up to Mr Pratt’s where I staid all night.

Sunday 19th  I came home from Pratt’s in the morning.  Went to the Hall in the morning to hear Revd R. McKinney.  Mr Joseph Greenwood, Charlie Wyatt & Willie Pratt were here for dinner.  I read service in the afternoon, there were about 30 present, I went down to John Wyatt’s for tea.

Monday 20th    It was a fine day.  We were sowing grass seed & raking in, over in the clearing also burning heaps.

Tuesday 21st  We were sowing grass seed etc  over in the clearing.  The boys hauled a load of Apples & Onions for Tom Wyatt down to the wharf.  Charlie Wyatt commenced harrowing & cross ploughing on the race course.

Wednesday 22nd   We were sowing grass seed and burning over on the clearing in the morning.  We cleaned out the pigs in the afternoon & split some palings.

Thursday 23rd  The boys moulded up the Potatoes at the top side of the house, also those below the house.  They afterwards went down on the clearing and were logging up.  I went on Henry’s horse over to Dacre’s Claim getting signatures to a Petition against granting a Publican’s Licence in this District.  I got home about 3 oclock.  I split some palings after I got home.

Friday 24th  We were logging up and burning down on the clearing.  Being the Queen’s Birthday there was no School, the girls carried in all the Pie Melons & Marrows.

Saturday 25th  We were logging up and burning down in the clearing.  Willie Pratt came in the morning to shoot, but he shot nothing.  It was a very fine day.  The children and Willie went to the skating in the evening.

Sunday 26th  It was a fine day.  I rode over to Dacre’s Claim in the morning for service on Johny’s horse.  I read service in the afternoon, there were about 30 present.  There was a heavy shower of rain in the evening.  Willie staid all night.

Monday 27th   Willie went away early this morning.  We dug up the piece of ground we intend for Onions, it was in Peas & Beans last season.  The School is closed for a week on account of the Whooping Cough.

Tuesday 28th  We packed 1 large case of Beurre Diel Pears and 1 case of Golden Russet Apples and Henry took them down to the wharf  with the bullocks.
We dug between the Golden Russets and planted Cabbage Plants.  Mr Lane & Alfred Gravatt came for tea.

Wednesday 29th  We continued digging and planting Cabbages.  It was a very dull day, hardly any sun, looks very much like rain.

Thursday 30th  It was a wet day.  Made cases up in the shed.  Walter Wyatt came for tea & staid all night.

Friday 31st  A very wet day.  Made cases up in the shed, and split a few palings on the hill.  Herbert Fordham came for tea.