December 1891

Tuesday 1st   We cut ti tree.  Captain Bayeley,  Mr McKinven and Miss McKenzie were here in the evening.

Wednesday 2nd    The boys were hauling for A. Haskell & also 3 bags of Flour for us.  I mended the fence between Matheson’s & us.

Thursday & Friday 3rd & 4th   We continued cutting ti tree.

Saturday 5th   We cut ti tree in the morning.  The boys went up to the cricket in the afternoon.  Maud went up to Pratts and staid over Sunday.  Old Mrs Greenwood died at 9 pm this evening.

 Sunday 6th   Read service in the afternoon.  I went to Mrs Fordhams for tea.

Monday 7th   We cut ti tree in the morning.
Mrs W. Greenwood was buried in the afternoon.  I read service at the grave, there was a large attendance.  Mr, Miss & Sarah Pratt  &  Mr Joseph Greenwood  came here for tea.

Tuesday 8th   We cut ti tree both morning & afternoon.

Wednesday 9th   I picked & packed a Case containing 34½ Doz Lemons and sent them away the Steamer.  The Steamer came in the pm.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10th, 11th & 12th   We cut ti tree.  I stuck the first row of Stratagem Peas.

Sunday 13th   We had a few showers of rain in the morning.  I went to Mr Walters for tea.  Mrs Harper, Hetty, John Dunn & G. Wyatt were here for tea.  Services changed to the evening 40 persons present.

Monday 14th   The boys were getting slay runners in the morning.  We cut ti tree in the afternoon.

Tuesday 15th   We went up the hill in the morning and commenced to cut the Rye Grass Seed. It came on to rain & we had to leave off.  It rained very heavy all day and gave the ground a good soaking.

Wednesday 16th   There were a few showers in the morning.  The boys were cutting ti tree.  I was digging between the pumpkins the top side of house.  There was a dance in the Hall in the evening in aid of the Cricket Club.  Willie, Georgina & Mary Anne Pratt were here for tea.  Mrs McKinnon and her three children came up by the Steamer to stay at her Mothers, her husband having died a few months ago.

Thursday 17th   A fine day.  The boys finished cutting the Rye grass on the hill.  We sowed 3 rows White Dutch Runner Beans in manured trenches  3 ft 6 in apart between the double rows of beans. We got the Sheep up in the evening.

Friday 18th   We dipped the Sheep.  It took us all day.  We dipped 118 Sheep & 50 Lambs.  There are 19 old ewes marked for selling.  We killed a sheep in the evening.  A heavy shower of rain at night.

Saturday 19th   The boys were cutting ti tree in the morning.  I top – dressed the Onions, one bed with Superphosphate & Ashes and the other bed with Fowl manure & Ashes & I pointed it in.

Sunday 20th   I rode over to Dacre’s Claim Church in the morning, returning home for dinner, I found John Salt, Madeline & Wm Pratt dining at our place.  Read service in the evening.

Monday 21st   John & I went to Mr Walter’s paddock to cut grass seed.  Henry sharpened the saw.  In the afternoon the boys cut some Puriri’s down in the School Reserve.  Clara & Sydney Fordham & Miss Flatt came in the evening.

Tuesday 22nd    The boys were cutting down Puriri’s in the School Reserve.  I was cutting ti tree in the morning and I stuck the second row of Stratagem Peas in the pm.

Wednesday 23rd   I sowed two rows of Canadian Wonder Beans.
The Steamer came in early in the afternoon.  A good many passengers came up.

Thursday 24th    I was cutting ti tree all day.  The boys hauled for Harper & T. W. Knaggs.  We Killed a Sheep in the evening.

Friday 25th   Christmas Day.  I went down to help decorate the hall in the morning.  Mr & Mrs Wyatt,  Tom Wyatt,  Alice & Willie came here for dinner.  Maud and the boys went  up to the cricket in the afternoon, returning for tea bringing Wm Wright , Wm Pratt & Edgar Meiklejohn with them.
We had a nice cheerful service in the Hall at 7.30.  There were about 45 present.

Saturday 26th   We had a picnic on the beach opposite the Goat Island.  Nearly all the young people were present.  There was a dance in the Hall in the evening.

Sunday 27th   Maud went with Willie up to Pratts to spend the day, returning in the evening.  I walked over to Dacre’s Claim Church in the morning, went up to Mr Ashtons & had dinner there & had tea at Mr Hadwicks.
I read service in the Hall in the evening, there was a good congregation.

Monday 28th   Maud, Willie & the boys went to Matakana to see the cricket match between Matakana & Omaha.  Matakana beat.   I went down & helped Charlie cut Oats all day.  The girls & I went to Mr Walter’s in the evening.

Tuesday 29th   The young people returned from Matakana early this morning.  We dug Potatoes in the pm & took a beehive in the School Reserve.