April 1890

Tuesday 1st   We finished cutting the tea tree in the morning.  In the afternoon John set fire to some of the tea tree.  I sowed some Manchester Defiance Cabbage.

Wednesday 2nd   John hauled some fruit for D. W. K. to Wharf.  We burned tea tree in the afternoon.

Thursday 3rd   We were logging up the tea tree all day.

Good Friday 4th   I went to Pakiri on the horse and staid at Mr Wittens all day.  They have just moved into their new house.  John & the girls went fishing at the beach.

Saturday 5th   John & I were logging up the tea tree all day.  Maud & Jane went up to Pratts in the afternoon.  There was a meeting in the Hall in the evening to elect a Show Committee.

Sunday 6th   I went over to Dacre’s Claim Church in the morning & then went up to Mr Ashton’s for dinner.  I read service in the evening.  Maud came home from Pratts.

Monday 7th   John & I started early to Mr Came’s to bring home the Ram I bought, we got home soon after 2 pm.  It came on to rain in the afternoon & it rained all night.  Mr Nelson & Walter Wyatt came & staid the evening.

Tuesday 8th   It rained heavily all last night and it began to blow from the E,  there was a great lot of Apples blown off.  Rained all day with strong wind.

Wednesday 9th   Rained all day with strong wind.

Thursday 10th   Rained nearly all day with strong wind.  Heavy sea outside.

Friday 11th  Still continued raining and blowing.

Saturday 12th    Still continued raining and blowing.  Henry came home in the evening.

Sunday 13th   It did not rain in the morning, but it rained in the afternoon.  There was no service on account of the weather.
Willie Pratt came in the afternoon and brought Jane home, Mr Raquer came in the afternoon & they both staid all night.

Monday 14th   It rained very heavily all morning, but it cleared up in the afternoon, Mr Raquer and Willie went home.  Maud went to Mr Walters.  It rained in the evening.

Tuesday  15th   The girls went to school today after the Easter holidays.  It came on to rain again both morning & afternoon.

Wednesday 16th   It rained in the morning, but cleared up in the pm.  John took down to the beach a case of Apples that we are sending to Runciman, also a bundle (16) Sheepskins, consigned to Ireland.  John also hauled 6 cases apples for A. McKenzie.
The Steamer came in the evening.  Came on to rain again.

Thursday 17th   John hauled some goods up for Mr Walter, also 300 lbs Flour, 1 Sack Sharps & a bag of Rye Grass seed for us which came by the Steamer last night.  We gathered all the Apples in from the Orchard in the afternoon.

Friday 18th   Wrote a letter to Sarah also to Fanny and sent by the mail this morning, also sent 2 Weekly News to John and 2 to Tom.  John rode to Warkworth to get a Sheep brand .

Saturday 19th   Mr Walter drew his net over at Great Omaha.  John went with him and took the bullocks to Mathesons,  John brought home 49 fish.  Willie P. came in the afternoon & Henry came in the evening.  They commenced skating in the Hall this evening.  It was a fine day.

Sunday 20th  It was a fine day.  Read service in the Hall in the afternoon, there were 33 present.

Monday 21st  It was a fine day.  We were logging and burning on the farm.

Tuesday 22nd   It was a fine day.  We mended up the wattled fence in the morning, and logged up in the afternoon.
Steamer came in the evening.

Wednesday 23rd   In the morning we mended up the fence at the creek Freason’s side.  We logged up in the afternoon. It was a fine day.

Thursday 24th   A  fine day.  We were loggin up both morning and afternoon

Friday 25th   We were logging up & burning.  Got the Sheep up in the evening.  I went to Mr Walter’s for tea & spent the evening.  Received a letter from Mr Runciman containing cash from sale of Fruit, also one from Ireland Bros, Cash for Skins.

Saturday 26th   Frearson took out 13 Sheep & John Wyatt 7 Sheep.  Burned heaps of tea tree in clearing .  In the evening Paid John 14/- which I had borrowed of him & also Henry 9/- for sale of Lemons.

Sunday 27th   It was a fine day.  Read service in the afternoon.

Monday 28th   We were burning tea tree heaps over on the farm.  Annual Meeting of Householders to elect a School Committee.

Tuesday 29th   We were burning in the clearing.  John hauled some cases for Mr T. Knaggs, also some goods for Mr Walter in the evening.  Received a letter from my sister Fanny also Newspapers from Tom.  Our Sheep brand  C⊃ came by the Steamer from Warkworth.

Wednesday 30th    We were burning in the clearing.  Mr A. Kempt came home in the evening and took away the little pig that I gave to him.