April 1889

Monday 1st    It was a fine day.  We dug in the manure on the ground that we had in Potatoes this season and which was so foul of Convolvulus but we have got it all clean now.  I took Mr Hewlett over to Mr Ashtons after dinner, where we had tea, after which we went over to the Maori Hall, Mr Hewlett repaired their harmonium.
At 7 oclock pm he held service, there were about 35 present and the collection 6/10.  Maud, Alice Wyatt & Mr Walter were over from Omaha, and we walked home together.  Mr Hewlett went home with Mr Birdsall.

Tuesday 2nd  We sowed Oats in the garden that was foul with Convolvulus, and pointed it in.  In the afternoon we planted Early Rose Potatoes at the top side of the house, where the Onions grew, we planted them in drills 30 inches apart, and manured in the drills with fine Bone Dust and fowl manure.

Wednesday 3rd  We finished planting the Potatoes first thing in the morning.  It came on to rain and rained all day very steady.
We did not pick any fruit as it was so wet, we packed a small lot of Pears for Mr Runciman & the boys took it down to the Wharf.

Thursday 4th  The Steamer came in before daylight and left again about 7 oclock.  The boys hauled some goods for Mr Mirehouse.
Mr Raynor & Geo Pratt came for dinner.  We cleaned out the pig styes in the afternoon & collected all the manure in the little paddock.

Friday 5th  we planted Early Rose Potatoes between the Strawberry bed & the bee hives 2 ft 6 in apart with Bone Dust.  In the afternoon we commenced planting Broad Windsor Beans the far side of the orchard near the gate going in to the Pigs paddock,  we put rotten manure in the trenches, 3 ft apart and sowed the seed on the top.  We killed a sheep in the evening, one we got out of Neeley’s.
It is Willies birthday today, he is 6 years old today – we all went down there for tea.  I went to the Library afterwards.

Saturday 6th  We killed another Sheep this morning, as G. Darrock of the barge “Ida which is lying in the harbour wants half a sheep.
Henry went out fishing with Walter Frearson in the afternoon and brought home 12 fish.

Sunday 7th  Mr Mather held service in the Hall in the morning, Maud went.
Charlie Wyatt came for dinner.  Mr & Emma Pratt came in the afternoon, also Tom & Emma Ashton & Willie Brookman, they all staid for tea.  I read service in the Hall in the evening, 70 present.

Monday 8th  Continued planting Broad Beans the far side of the orchard.  The boys commenced to make fires over on the farm.

Tuesday 9th  I was making Fruit Cases.  I borrowed 25 short palings of Jno Wyatt.  The boys continued burning on the farm, they also picked all the Crasanne Pears.  Isaak Mills came and spent the day.

Wednesday 10th  We picked Lemons in the morning & the boys went down to the wharf with the bullocks and the following fruit.
1 Case Lemons, own 13 Doz.  Henry 1 Doz
1 Case Crasanne Pears
1 Case Beurre Diel Pears
Went down to the wharf in the evening, there were a great many passengers went away by the Steamer.  Mrs Walter heard by the Steamer of the death of her sister Mrs Hills.

Thursday 11th  We cleaned out the pigs in the morning and gathered up all the manure in the little paddock.
In the afternoon we went down on the farm & set fire to the tea tree and put the fires together.
We got the Sheep up in the evening.

Friday 12th  We were burning over on the farm.  Killed a Sheep in the evening.  Went over to Mr G. Knaggs’ in the evening, also to the Library.

Saturday 13th  The boys were burning on the farm in the morning.  Mr Frearson brought their Sow over to our Boar.
There was a meeting of Horticultural Show Committee in the Hall in the evening.

Sunday 14th  Mr Douse preached in the morning on behalf of the Presbyterian Home Mission Fund.  Chas & Walter Wyatt came her for dinner.  Mr Brookman & his son Cha Ashton & Willie Pratt had tea here, Mr Brookman read the Prayers & I read the sermon in the Hall in the evening.

Monday 15th  Mr Frearson came here in the morning & took his sow away.
The boys picked all the Renettee du Canada’s, Takapuna Russet’s and Boston Russet’s.
We went over on the farm in the afternoon & set fire to the tea tree.  Mrs Handby came for tea and Mr Handby called for her in the evening.
‘Nellie’ calved in the evening, a Bull Calf.

Tuesday 16th  In the morning we were burning over on the farm.  In the afternoon I made two cases.  I sowed a bed of cabbage seed.
Maud & I went to Mr Walter’s in the evening.

Wednesday 17th  The boys took 2 Cases of Fruit down to the Wharf in the morning, viz
1 Case Lemons 28 Doz
1 Case Pears
We went over on to the farm in the afternoon burning tea tree.
Minnie went up to Pratt’s in the evening with George Pratt & Mr Raynor.

Thursday 18th  The boys were hauling for Mirehouse all day, they also hauled up 500 lbs flour for us that came by the Steamer last night.

Friday 19th  Good Friday.  We killed a sheep in the morning.  The children all went up the hill to see a cricket match played between Matakana & Omaha clubs resulting in a victory for Matakana.
Willie Pratt & Willie Brookman came here for tea.  John went from the cricket match up to Pratts.
Wrote a letter last night to my sister Jane and posted it this morning also sent a newspaper to Tom and an Official Document to Henry.

Saturday 20th  We cleaned out the Pigs in the morning and gathered up all the manure in the little paddock.
Mr Birdsall & John Nash came for dinner.
Maud & Henry went over to the singing class at Dacre’s Claim in the evening.

Sunday 21st  Easter Sunday.  We had a smart shower of rain between 11 & 12 in the morning.  Read service in the Hall in the afternoon, about 30 present.  I went down to John Wyatts after church & staid for tea.  John & Minnie came home from Pratts in the evening.

Monday 22nd  The girls were at home, being the Easter Holidays, they picked up a lot of manure and put it on the ground intended for Oats.  The boys picked all the Golden Russet Apples, also the Beurre Diel & Chaumoutelle Pears over on the farm orchard.

Tuesday 23rd  The boys picked all the French Crab, Apples also the Vicar of Wakefield & Beurre Diel Pears, in the morning.  In the afternoon sowed Oats in the orchard & commenced to dig them in.
Today was the day to elect a new Road Board, the following were nominated and returned without opposition.  Messrs James Greenwood, W. Lane, H. Brown, W. Mirehouse & T. F. Ashton.  John Wyatt Jnr was Returning Officer.
The Annual Meeting of Householders to elect a School Committee was held in the School at 4 pm.  The following were elected.
Messrs W. Greenwood, T. Handby, Jas Greenwood, W. Mirehouse,
A. Matheson, W Neeley & E. Savave.

Wednesday 24th  Made a crate and sent away 11 Fowls to Arthur & Buddle for sale as they used to get into the orchard.  Packed up and sent to Laybourn 24 Sheep Skins & 1 Calf  Skin.  17 of the skins had pretty long wool on them, 7 of them were Pelts.  Sent Mr Runciman a box containing Water Melons, Pears & Apples.  The boys hauled these down to the beach in the afternoon.
I sowed some more Oats in the orchard and dug them in.

Thursday 25th  The boys were hauling for Mirehouse in the morning.  Finished sowing and digging in Oats in the orchard.  Commenced digging near the landslip for Turnips.  Got the sheep up in the evening.

Friday 26th  Finished digging the piece of ground near the landslip.  Sowed 16 rows of White Stone Turnips in the ground we just dugin the afternoon.  Thrashed out the Cocksfoot again and put the hay into the shed.  Killed a sheep in the evening.

Saturday 27th  We cleaned out the Pigs and picked up manure in the morning.  Took out all the Pea sticks and stored them under the house.  Willie Pratt came in the evening and brought Johny’s horse which I am going to ride to Auckland.

Sunday 28th  I rode over on Henry’s horse to service at Dacre’s Claim in the morning.  Read service in the afternoon there were about 40 present.  Charlie Wyatt came here with his horse and staid all night so as to be ready to start early in the morning.

Monday 29th  My nephew Charlie Wyatt & I started on horseback for Auckland at 4.30 this morning.  We got to Matakana before the sun rose, and to Warkworth before 8 am.  We got to Hatfield’s at about 11.30 where we stayed for dinner and to feed our horses.  We got to the Lake at 4.15 pm, left our horses at Quick’s and walked on to Devonport and took the ferry across to Auckland, went up in the tram to Symonds Street and walked across the Cemetery Bridge arriving at Mr Runciman’s at 7 pm, where we were heartily welcomed.  Charlie and I stayed there.
Charlies birthday,   26 years old.

Tuesday 30th  I felt rather stiff this morning after my ride yesterday.  Charlie & I went down town  in the morning, had a good walk round the town went to see the “Rose Casey” off.